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Be in the Tour

Are you an artist that would like to showcase your workspace and sell your art?

Participate in the Elements of Art Studio Tour!

Please be aware of somethings before sign up to be in the 2024 Elements of Art Studio Tour. 

Application Process

1.  You will be redirected to our Square Payment Processing Page to Complete the Registration

2. Artist Registration Webform will be email once Payment has been received (this is done by a human and not automagically, please be kind and check your email shortly after processing your payment)

3. Be sure to put your contact information, including email, in the comment areas of this purchase

Information Session

An information session about the Open Studio Tour, Elements of Art Studio Tour, will be posted soon! This session will share how the tour will work for artist participants  and be an opportunity for people to sign up to be on the tour. 

Deadline to apply to be on the tour is May 4th, 2024 to be included in the printed Tour Guide.

Paint Brushes

What to Expect

Before you sign up, please take a look at the items listed below that you will need to complete and submit.

This Artist Tour is a juried event. We will be accepting all types of artists and their mediums. If you meet all of the requirements you will be accepted. This event is about inclusion, however, your art will need to be family friendly and accessible to the public.

2024 Elements of Art Studio Tour Artist Registration 


Artist Participation costs cover reviewing your application to participate - it is non refundable. If you are accepted, you will be added to our social media sites, and for no additional cost, have the opportunity to have your studio added to the Tour information, map and passport. 


In addition to this fee, in order to participate you must donate art for this year's event. The art donated must be valued at at least $75 and representative of your current art and be priced similarly to items that you would be selling in your studio during the event. The donated art will be given away or used for the Studio Tour promotion. You will not be further compensated for the artwork or have it returned to you. All artwork is due before your information is added to our event sites. This art could be one piece or several smaller items. Items should be labeled with your contact information so that people can purchase more art from you.


You must meet all the requirements in the “Artists Pack” including all safety, legal, and Family appropriate requirements and you must turn in all your contract paperwork and photos on time. 


There are no refunds if you do not follow through in a timely manner. Participation in this event does not guarantee sales. You can still register to participate if you have missed the deadlines for the printed registry this year, but your information will be listed digitally. 


You may also purchase a ticket to be in the registry of local artists, and not participate in the physical studio tours.


By purchasing this Artist Participation Level One option, you are declaring your intent to participate in the 2024 Elements of Art Studio Tour or to be in the registry, and giving permission for the pictures and other information sent us to be included in all advertising, websites, and printed or digital materials for this event and future Element of Art Tour events. You are also declaring that you are an artist who produces family appropriate art and who currently lives within a two hour radius of Florence, Oregon. Alumni of the surrounding school districts or longtime residents of the surrounding area are also permitted to participate, even if they currently live elsewhere.


Once you have purchased this participation option, email Kassy Keppol and Jo Beaudreau at so that they can send you a link to the “Artist Packet” which includes the Application, Contract, and additional Artist Event Information.


Be sure to put your contact information, including email, in the comment areas of this purchase.


This Tour allows Artists to have patrons of the arts experience creative workspaces (where the magic happens) while providing an opportunity for artists to sell their work directly.


We hope you have a productive and creative experience!

Artist Registration & Agreement

After submitting payment via Square - linked above, the Artist Registration & Agreement will need to be fill out out and submitted to participate. 

Best practice is to review the attached word doc or PDF of the information needed from you and prepare the information beforehand before starting the form, as webforms can timeout and delete information that you’ve worked on. 

2024 Artist Registration & Agreement Form PDF

2024 Artist Registration & Agreement Form Fillable Word

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